The Spring Succulents

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Plants brighten any room, and our spring collection is no different!

Each of these plants has a unique look, and is incredibly hardy. 

These make excellent Mother's Day Gifts, or just to have at your home!

How To Order

1) Choose from 10 amazing plants, we're certain one of them will match your aesthetic!

2) Place your order, and we'll have it custom packed to order, hand checked twice and carefully shipped to you in no time! Its that easy!

Shipping & Our Guarantee

Our Ceramic Pots and Succulents are all grown, engraved and assembled in the US, and are shipped from our warehouse in the Midwest.

Typical shipping times, including hand-assembling, double checking and packaging each order are:

5-7 Days for USA orders. 

10-20 Days for International orders.

Succulents are incredibly hardy plants, and ours are no exception. Our succulents can go weeks without light or water, so a few days in a shipping box is no concern - we promise. Additionally, we package each order by hand, with a hard shell around the plant to make sure it does not get crushed in transit.

Our happiness guarantee means if your plant dies within 30 days, we'll replace it for free. No questions asked.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your order, please reach out to our award winning customer service team via email:

We will be more than happy to help!


Length x Width: 3in x 3in

Height: 4-8 in depending on the succulent you choose

Plants are real succulents as is such, may vary slightly in appearance, every plant is unique!


Q: How long can the succulents last without water? Will they die in shipping without water?

A: Succulents are incredibly hardy plants, the leaves and roots are full of water which is what gives them their unique appearance. They can last months without water, so a few days in a shipping box is no concern at all - we promise.

Q: How long can the succulents go without light? Will they die in shipping without natural light?

A: Succulents are plants that thrive in low natural light, in fact direct sunlight can burn them to a crisp. Our succulents are no exception, and can go weeks without any natural light, direct or indirect, so, a few days in a shipping box is not bad for them at all.

Q: Will the succulents get crushed or broken in transit?

A: We package each order very carefully and have designed our packaging to ensure the succulents will stay safe with a special shell around them to prevent any crushing or breaking.

Q: How much natural light do the succulents need?

A: Succulents thrive on a low amount of direct sunlight, or a medium amount of indirect natural light. We do not advise placing them directly in a windowsill, but they should not be kept in a completely dark area for weeks or longer. 

Care Guide


Succulents thrive in areas with low direct natural light, or medium amounts of indirect natural light.


Water your succulent once every 2 weeks to give the soil time to completely dry out between waterings.


Succulents are very tough plants, and will thrive in any temperatures of 60-90 degrees or even higher.


Most succulents are non toxic to pets and humans, but for in-depth information, please click here for our full guide.

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