The Hands Free Tool

6000+ Happy Customers!

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Eliminate The Risk Touching Contaminated Surfaces

✅   Open and Close Doors

✅  Turn Handles, Knobs, and Locks

✅  Press Buttons, and Flush Toilets

✅   Made of Antimicrobial Alloys

Use Public Restrooms Safely

Public Restrooms are filled with germs. Our customers love using The Hands Free Tool right after they wash their hands, to ensure their hands stay clean while exiting the bathroom. The tool can be used to flush toilets, turn off sinks, use paper towel dispensers, and open doors! 

Avoid Dirty Pin Pads

Reduce your exposure to germs by touching  pin pads with the hands free tool, this reduces the likelihood of catching minor as well as major illnesses. The design of the Hands Free Tool ensures you will have no direct contact with  items that germs can live on.

Press High Touch Surfaces

Elevators are used by hundreds of people everyday. The best part about the Hands Free tool is that it give you peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that you are less likely to come in contact with viruses and germs. Limit your exposure to all germs by using The Hands Free Tool in shared spaces like elevators. 

Microbial Alloys Naturally Disinfect Themselves!

Our hands free touch tool is made of microbial alloys. Microbial alloys such as brass and copper naturally disinfect themselves of viruses and germs. The ions in copper and brass are able to enter the germ cells and virus cells and damage their cell membrane. This prevents the virus or germ cells from functioning properly and eventually die. 

Why Everyone Needs The Hands Free Tool !

Here’s why customers love our Product

Stacie Johnson


"I don't think my husband's ever been so impressed with me. He couldn't believe the quality of the products and loves his car charger!"

James CarToyz Mitchell


"Hands down the best purchase I've ever made. The car charger is legit, the magnetic cord is crazy convenient for the office, and the charging pad is the perfect addition to my nightstand!"

Kevin Muir 


"World class products for a fraction of the price. Came in just a few days. Honestly, I could not be happier. Safe to say I'm a customer for life. (Even though I probably won't need another charging accessory ever again!)

Here’s why customers love Our Product

Stacie Johnson


"I’ve struggled touching public surfaces , Im so happy I found this product. Makes everyday activities way easier and less stressful!" 

Kevin M.


"The tool allows me to avoid touching some of the most touched surfaces in public places. Good quality too."

James M.


"I work at a hospital apart from using gloves I like to keep this tool handy and drastically reduce my point of contact with contaminated surfaces."